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Liberty Design

Design is subjective. Different people have differing opinions of what looks good.
This makes creating a very personal journey.

How to create a good design?
What do you like? What do you want to express? Understand your needs,
that will help us find the tricks of the trade along the way.
Remember, there are no right ways, just your way. And this will be the best design for you!

設計自由 自由設計

自由設計 起始於1992年,並實際投資執行連鎖店鋪營運、國際品牌行銷。
時間的累積不單淬鍊了技法,也更能體會企業經營的考量及需求,這正是 自由設計 創立的基礎!

建立品牌與形象,才能創造企業價值! 懂得溝通與合作,才能讓設計更有力量!